Neck Lift Surgery

Patients come to us with sagging faces and necks, hanging chins and jowls. What they are looking for is a more youthful neck with a better contour. We have found that a neck lift can have the lasting results that our patients are looking for.

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What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift is an appropriate treatment option if you have excess skin or localized deposits of fat in the anterior part of the neck—under the chin. Sagging muscles in the neck that have lost their attachments to vital neck structures can be repaired to reconfigure and beautify the neck. It is not uncommon to combine this procedure with additional procedures such as a chin implant, a facelift, or facial fat resculpturing and W Cosmetic Surgery® of Philadelphia creates individualized treatment plans to meet your needsContact us to design your treatment plan today.

Your neck lift surgery. What to expect.

A neck lift procedure enhances the neckline and lessens jowling. Most often, we combine the procedure with liposuction to remove and sculpt some of the fat that remains in the neck and tighten neck muscles and reattach what has dropped.

Neck liposuction alone may improve the contours and appearance of the neck, particularly when there is only excess superficial fat present. This procedure can also be combined with a facelift. Neck liposuction is performed under local anesthesia and recovery is quick, usually allowing patients to return to work within a week.

Neck liposuction is usually performed using tumescent liposuction. If skin excess is minimal, it can be treated with laser lipolysis (Smart Lipo™, Lipotherme™, SlimLipo™) or ThermiTight® which may allow excess skin to contract.

Patients looking to reduce jowling and excess skin under the chin without invasive surgery may consider treatments that use ThermiTight technology. ThermiRF® procedures use temperature controlled radio frequency energy to tighten and smooth skin with minimal downtime. Liposuction may not be necessary because ThermiRF also treats excess fat.

Neck Lift Surgery Results

To achieve a more youthful appearance, a neck lift is often performed simultaneously with a facelift. Some typical results of both procedures are featured in our neck lift gallery.

Neck Lift Surgery Before and After Photos