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The shape of your face and position of your cheeks can be an unforgiving reminder of your age. A midface lift, or cheek lift, procedure can have transformative results, drastically reducing signs of aging, making you look years younger with little downtime.

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What is a Midface Lift?

A midface lift, also called a cheek lift, lifts the cheek back into a youthful position, creating a heart shaped, well-defined face. The lift accentuates the eyes, enhances the appearance of the brows, widens the face, and provides overall age-defying enhancements.

A quick test we recommend to patients considering a midface lift is to pull up on the side of your face. If you are happy about the results of this exercise, you may be a good candidate for a cheek or midface lift.

How a Midface Lift Works

There are many techniques to perform a midface lift. One popular technique is to lift the cheeks through eyelid incisions. We have seen many complications of this technique. Another popular technique uses fillers to correct hollow cheeks and lift the cheeks. But there is a limit to how much lifting fillers can provide. Too much filler can tip the face into looking unnatural.

The best age defying facial procedures:

  • Counter the effects of gravity and lift the cheek back up from where it fell
  • Produce natural, beautiful and expected results
  • Have minimal downtime
  • Are minimally invasive
  • Are long lasting

Advancements in facelift procedures are now able to address the cheeks simultaneous with the face and neck. However in most practices, these procedures result in large incisions and a longer recovery.

At W Cosmetic Surgery of Philadelphia, we specialize in a midface lift technique performed through small incisions in the temple and forehead above the hairline that are easily concealed. The procedure is often performed under monitored anesthesia and associated with a recovery time of approximately 9 days. The procedure has one of the highest satisfaction rates of all the procedures we perform.

Our interest in midface lifting in all its forms resulted in the publication of our book Midface Rejuvenation published by Springer. Our chapter on midface rejuvenation via a preperiosteal approach defines our unique midface lift technique. Due to technical challenges of the procedure, we have designed several instruments that may be useful to surgeons new to these procedures to make the procedure easier. These devices are either patented or in further development. Schedule a consultation with us to learn if a midface lift is right for you.

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Midface Lift Results

We’ve seen transformative results from our midface lift procedure. It’s easy to see why our patients love their midface lift results. Many of these patients have had additional procedures such as a brow lift, eyelid surgery, or liposculpture, in addition to a midface lift procedure.

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