Chin Augmentation Procedures and Facial Implants

Chin augmentation, alongside other facial augmentation procedures, can enhance the proportions of the face, giving balance to an inadequate jawline and lessen jowling. This procedure can give dramatic overnight changes to patients who obsess over a weak chin, while often times bypassing the need for face or cheek lift procedures.

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Chin Augmentation Procedures

Chin augmentation procedures strengthen and support the jawline and balance the face. This procedure is frequently done in conjunction with a facelift and can make a good facelift into a great one.  It can be performed with other facial surgery or may be done as an isolated operation.

Chin augmentation procedures are performed under local anesthesia with sedation or under deeper anesthesia and are generally painless. After numbing the area with local anesthetic, a chin implant is placed using an incision under the jaw where it is hidden as it heals. The wounds are closed with sutures and no dressing is required.

Other Facial Augmentation Procedures

Patients looking for fuller features such as lips or cheeks may also consider facial augmentation methods like cheek implants or implants in the lips. Cheek implants are excellent means of restoring balance, beauty, and youth to the cheek. They are placed through the mouth under local anesthesia. To discuss how facial augmentation treatment would work for you, schedule a consultation at our Philadelphia practice today.
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Our Results
Chin, cheek, and other facial augmentation procedures can provide dramatic overnight solutions to weak facial features. Some typical results are featured in our chin augmentation gallery.

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