Droopy Eyelid – Ptosis Surgical Repair

Droopy eyelids characterize ptosis (pronounced ‘toesis’). It’s a condition that a patient was born with, a result of trauma, or a result of prior eyelid surgery. Some of the other culprits include:

  • Changes in the muscles that lift the eyelids
  • Neurologic causes
  • Excessive skin on the eyelids

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What is Ptosis (Droopy Eyelid)?

Droopy upper eyelids give rise to ptosis. In some cases, droopy upper eyelids cause visual field obstruction, making it difficult to see or enjoy things such as driving or reading. It can cause a sleepy-eyed appearance, and a number of studies show that some people assume a ptosis sufferer is not bright.

A drooping lower eyelid can either sag outwards (ectropion) or inwards (entropion). In either case, patients are extremely uncomfortable, with burning and dryness of the eyes, as well as a foreign body sensation. It is possible for problems with the eye to arise as a result of the malpositions of the eyelid. Tear ducts can be blocked by a longstanding drooping eyelid (and this can be corrected at the time of the eyelid surgery, if necessary).

In general, repair of these conditions is helpful and often curative.

How to Fix Droopy Eyelids or Ptosis.

Droopy upper eyelid repair (ptosis surgery) is usually accomplished on an outpatient basis in an ambulatory surgery center or in our Philadelphia office suite. You are awake for a portion of the procedure so the eyelid can be set in the perfect position. It is not uncommon to need a follow-up procedure shortly after the repair to adjust eyelid height to a satisfactory level.

Postoperatively, there is minimal pain. Bruising is common and lasts for one to two weeks. Contact lenses cannot be worn for two weeks after surgery, but you can go back to work much sooner—usually within five days.

[In] October 13, 2000, Dr. Wulc corrected the ptosis in my right eye. He repaired it perfectly and my vision was restored. Sixteen years later, and my eyelids still match! I’m so grateful that I had Dr. Wulc perform that delicate surgery.

— Ellen C.

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Ptosis Surgery Results

Treatment of ptosis varies depending on the cause, but together, we’ll help you discover the best treatment options to restore youth and beauty to your eyes. Here are some eyelid surgery before and after photos to set a realistic expectation of what ptosis repair can look like.

Ptosis Surgery Before and After Photos