Festoons and Under Eye Bag Surgery

Beautiful models on TV offer hope in a jar: lotions and potions to fix the bags under your eyes. For severe eye bags, topical treatments aren’t much help. When you wake up in the morning and you see bags on bags, it’s time for professional help.

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What are Festoons?

Severe under eye bags that are caused by fatty deposits or fluid under the eyelid can create depressions and bulges. They are sometimes referred to as ‘bags on bags.” These are medically known as malar bags or festoons. The malar pockets are located very low in the eyelids, at the top of the cheekbones.

How We Treat Festoons

Treatments for festoons often include blepharoplasty (skin removal), direct excision, liposuction, fat or filler injection and steroid injection. Unfortunately, none of these procedures have proven to be successful long-term solution.

Dr. Allan Wulc of Philadelphia has been successful in the treatment of this frustrating condition with a combination of microdroplet liposculpture and dual erbium laser resurfacing. Removal of even the most problematic festoons is possible. Better still, treatment is typically performed in an outpatient setting. The surgery is painless and swelling lasts anywhere from seven to ten days.


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Under Eye Bag Surgery Results

Not every patient’s journey to eyelid rejuvenation is the same. Together, we can help you discover the best treatment options to restore youth and beauty to your eyes. Some typical festoon treatment results are featured in our gallery.

Under Eye Bag Surgery Before and After Photos