The Micromidfacelift: Building Bridges in an Aging Face

By: Allan E. Wulc, MD August 20, 2013 Category: Face

On a recent patient, I performed a Micromidfacelift—our signature midface lift (cheek lift) procedure that we developed—and I had the opportunity to meet her husband for the first time.

He is in the business of reinforcing the sagging bridges that exist, now almost everywhere in the U.S., and explained to me how he had built his business from the ground up (no puns intended) into one of the most successful startups around. There aren’t too many people that know how to reinforce the sagging superstructure of all the bridges that hold highways and cross-lands, rivers, and bays.

It occurred to me while he was talking that we were essentially in a similar type of business—reinforcing structures that are sagging—and we talked about the physical principles underlying his work—and mine. Most surgeons cut the ligaments of the face when they do a cosmetic lifting procedure, such as a cheek lift or face lift. These ligaments are like the girders of a bridge, and are the supporting structures of the face; most surgeons don’t reinforce, they cut and paste, hoping that they get the pulls right. In fact, cutting ligaments is emphasized in most textbooks as necessary to an effective lift. The consequence is often an effective lift all right—but one that gives you a pulled look—that is, a bad, conspicuous, “wind tunnel-type” result. A good lift, I always say, continues to age, whereas a bad lift lasts forever.

Results with the Micromidfacelift continue to age the midface in each patient, but the clock gets set back anesthetically, usually, by a decade at the least, and often, more.

Using the principle of reinforcement, though, what we do with the Micromidfacelift is to go in, using a minimal incision approach, and reinforce the sagging of volumes in the midface that occur with aging with minimal disruption of ligamentous support. Engineers understand that you don’t need to take up the entire road/blow up the bridge in order to keep it structurally intact like the day it was built—I think we’ve developed a solution that is similar for keeping your face looking like it hasn’t been ravaged by time or gravity.

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Allan E. Wulc, MD

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