Stephanie Talks About Her Successful Eye Surgery

By: Allan E. Wulc, MD April 17, 2013 Category: Face

Any patient who is considering undergoing invasive cosmetic surgery will have fears and apprehensions. It’s a big decision that requires more than just research. W Cosmetic Surgery patient, Stephanie, shares how important Dr. Wulc’s experience was to her when making the decision to lift her eyelids and remove bags under the eyes. Her need to find someone who is board certified in plastic surgery and in opthamology was a key factor in gaining the confidence to undergo surgery.

“It was very important that I felt comfortable about that,” Stephanie explained, “he wasn’t going to just pump some material into my face.”

Dr. Allan Wulc’s experience in facial cosmetic surgery is what brings comfort to his hundreds of eye surgery patients. “He really wants everybody to understand what it is that he’s doing and to be comfortable with it,” Stephanie adds, “you also get a sense of how comfortable he is with what he does.”

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Allan E. Wulc, MD

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Allan E. Wulc, MD is the lead surgeon at W Cosmetic Surgery and is Quadruple Board Certified with over 25 years experience in cosmetic and plastic surgery. Dr. Wulc is a leader in his field and pioneer of new surgical techniques. His work has been featured in lectures, presentations, and publications worldwide. Find out more about Dr. Wulc.