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By: Gina Veith, LME October 26, 2016 Category: Hair

Do you have bad hair genes? Thinning hair can happen to men and women. In fact, heredity can be blamed for 95% of all the cases of baldness in the United States! A little daily “shedding” is normal, but for those noticing large amounts of hair coming out on a daily basis, it’s time to do something.

W Cosmetic Surgery has surgical solutions for hair loss (more on that in a moment). However, it’s always wise to start with minimally invasive treatments first. That’s why we came up with Reverso, our new hair loss topical treatment, compounded through our office and exclusively offered for appropriate patients.

Reverso combines multiple FDA-approved medications for hair loss into one formulation that is able to fight and even “reverse” hair loss in select patients.  It’s double the strength of over-the-counter hair loss treatments and we have customized formulations for both men and women. These are pictures of our actual W Cosmetic Surgery patients who have already seen success with it after just six weeks of regular use.

Of course, Dr. Kevin Ende continues to offer a number of cutting edge hair replacement treatments right here in the office. Those included PRP hair replacement treatments (that can yield up to 20 percent more hair growth than traditional hair transplants in as little as 3 months). There’s also hairline restoration surgery for men and women using your existing hair to enhance and improve the thickness of what you have left. Micrografting and follicular unit techniques have made a natural result attainable without the doll hair look that some associate with the old fashioned hair plugs.

We’d love to see you in the office to talk more about Reverso or any of our surgical hair restoration options. Look for more news coming soon on additional customized products we’re planning to introduce!

Gina Veith, LME

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Gina Veith, LMEhas been a Licensed Medical Aesthetician with W Cosmetics for more than a decade. Gina guides our patients through every step of their journey as our surgical consultant and is the lead medical aesthetician at W Skin Studio. Learn more about Gina.