6 Tips for Looking Better in Selfies and Boosting Self-Confidence By: Allan E. Wulc, MD
August 03, 2018

Before a patient comes in to learn about any sort of aesthetic procedure, we always ask them to bring in photos from various stages of their life. This allows us to analyze the differences in the lines, curves, and contours—and ultimately, it helps us pinpoint areas of concern and turn back the clock in the most natural way possible.

What you need to know about facelifts By: Allan E. Wulc, MD
June 29, 2018

The word, facelift, is one of the most confusing terms in all of cosmetic surgery, but it describes the reversal of what brings almost everyone into the office: the sagging, flaccid changes that happen as time and elements work on flesh, muscle and bone—making that person we see in the mirror look like a stranger.

The W Difference By: Allan E. Wulc, MD
May 11, 2018

Often, the words “natural” and “facelift” don’t coincide. But in the case of the Micromidface, the signature procedure of Allan Wulc, MD, they do. The facelift reverses the effects of aging by lifting the sagging volumes of the face rather than cutting away skin around the ears, like traditional facelifts d
12 Reasons to Enhance Your Lips with Natural Lip Fillers By: Allan E. Wulc, MD
February 15, 2018

If your eyes are the window to your soul, then lips are the front door. We speak through it. We emote with it. We express attraction, affection and wonder with a twist, pucker or pinch. This soft sensory organ is one of the most prominent features of your face. Just a small change can go a long way to add beauty and youth.

Three things you need to keep in mind for beautiful lips. By: Allan E. Wulc, MD
February 01, 2018

What makes lips beautiful? Maybe it’s evolution. Maybe it’s social media. It’s hard to say for sure. Our lips express sensuality, and they make a big difference in how we look to ourselves and others.

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