Our Patient’s Stories

Our patients share with you what W Cosmetic Surgery® has done for their face, skin, eyes, and confidence.

Liz – You. Naturally.

“I could tell that my skin was changing, and even though I take care of my skin there were things that were out of my control. So the nicest thing about Dr. Wulc is he sees your assets.  He sees things in you that maybe that you don’t even notice yourself.”

“I trusted him because he is never going to do anything that you don’t feel comfortable doing. I have seen such incredible results and I just love it. And I think that is what makes him different from other doctors.”

Refreshed After Retirement – Susan’s Story

“I come to W Cosmetic Surgery because this place has made me feel beautiful. Originally, [I tried] to look a little better. What has happened is that it has made me feel beautiful inside and out.”

“The fact that [Dr. Wulc] had a, what I will call, a minimalist attitude towards surgery, that really attracted me to the practice.”

Carolyn’s Droopy Eye Fix Before & After

“I like Dr. Wulc because he really listens to you.

All the girls in his office are just wonderful. They are also very caring and it makes it easy to come in if you are a little apprehensive of what’s going to happen. They all reassure you.

I’ve referred many women to this practice.”

Botox® Success at W Cosmetic Surgery®

“I really wanted to look the same, so that if somebody saw me they’d be like, ‘You just look like you [got] a lot of sleep’, or ‘Did you go away? You look fresher.’ Working with Dr. Wulc, and more recently Debbie, I have found that they are able to do that little bit of tweaking, where I look in the mirror and I feel fresher.”

Cosmetic Surgery For Son’s Wedding

“When I looked in the mirror, I looked tired and I felt like I wasn’t the best that I could be. I felt that it was time. Time to freshen myself up. I didn’t want to change my features. I just wanted to seem like I got a good night’s sleep. I had a recommendation from a friend of a friend who had some work done, and I saw that she looked natural. I wanted to look like myself. Not a newer version, but a rested version.”

Karen Shares Her Micromidfacelift Experience

“He helped me manage my expectations. You don’t want to look different or too young. You just want to look better. The minute everything was healed and I started to really look exactly like myself, only younger and not as puffy and baggy, I had tenfold [the] amount of confidence.”