See What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Dr. Wulc took SO MUCH of his time from his busy schedule to make me feel like I was his ONLY patient! My procedure went superbly!

-Lisa C.

Outstanding experience every time in the office. Everyone is consistently friendly, professional, and I am always happy with my treatments! Would never go anywhere else!


Amazing! Dr. Wulc and all the girls in the office are so professional and helpful. I look forward to my appointments with [Debbie]. She always makes me feel and look beautiful! This is my husband’s go-to for all of my presents! Can’t ever get enough gift cards!

-Judith D.

Obviously, the reason one chooses a plastic surgeon is for his/her abilities and experience. Not only is Dr. Wulc a renowned and respected aesthetic facial cosmetic surgeon (who I trust), but he has a wonderful bedside manner and takes the time to listen and contemplate the best outcome both aesthetically and financially for the patient. He recently gave me filler injections and I am thrilled with the results. All of the staff is extremely professional, friendly and welcoming. Debbie’s techniques for Botox injections are superb. She manages to give a profound result without making one look like their face can’t move. And during the procedure, she puts one at ease with her light and easy conversational skills that you almost forget someone is injecting your face.  I would never go anywhere else.

-Liz D.

Dr. Wulc is amazing. I have had numerous procedures done by Dr. Wulc and he is the utmost professional. He is calming, upfront and always lets you know what is going on. I wish he still did lipo as he is the only one I trust in the field. He is great!

-SusieJo B.

Each visit is a wonderful experience. The entire staff makes me feel so welcomed and at home. And the results of every treatment do not disappoint.

-Camille D.

I have seen Dr. Wulc over the years for different things (eyelids, facial peel, Botox, Restoline, Juviderm, my lips, etc.) and I have to tell you that I think he is fabulous. I wish I could afford to see him more often, but it is hard for me financially. I am currently saving for a facelift. Dr. Wulc will be the doctor that I see to have this procedure done. I trust him. I respect him. And, I know he cares. Dr. Wulc rocks! He has also treated my mother, my sister, and many of my friends. He does beautiful work and is very particular and cautious. He explains everything in detail and he is very reassuring. I would recommend Dr. Wulc to anyone. I hope I can see him in January for a facelift consult!

-Kim C.

My consult with Dr. W and Debbie went well. After expressing my concerns, they came up with a number of options for me. I never felt pressure from them and they gave time to ask questions about my concerns. Now to take the big step!

-Sandy F.

I haven’t had my surgery yet, but everyone in the office has been thoroughly professional, very helpful, and any calls have been returned promptly.

-Jane C.

Dr. Wulc is amazing, as are the staff. I had some much needed work done some time ago and I still look great. There is no one else better to go to than Dr. Wulc.

-Laura T.

Had Debbie inject Botox® last week. Very good results. Very pleasant experience!

-Carmella S.

I recently received Dysport from Debbie. She is so sweet and professional. I had no bruising whatsoever, and saw the effects within a few days.

-Kristy C.

Everyone is so kind and great. Never pushy! I always look natural, just better. Thanks.

-Cindy S.

Dr. Wulc and his staff are so warm and caring. I recently underwent a lower eyelift, mid facelift and lower facelift. I knew what to expect following the surgery. I was totally prepared. The follow-up care is excellent. I am very pleased with my results seven weeks out of surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Wulc.

-Bonnie B.

Dr. Wulc and staff are great. Long before he got the title of top doc, he was my top doc! Dr. Wulc has Botoxed, filled and liposuctioned me, as well as performed a brow lift and upper and lower eye lids. Dr. Ende performed my rhinoplasty. I knew Dr. Wulc was my TOP DOC from the first visit. My family members have had him do all their procedures. He is truly an artist, as well as a very skilled physician and compassionate human being.

-Susan F.

[In] October 13, 2000, Dr. Wulc corrected the ptosis in my right eye. He repaired it perfectly and my vision was restored. Sixteen years later, and my eyelids still match! I’m so grateful that I had Dr. Wulc perform that delicate surgery.

-Ellen C.

Love the office staff and of course, Dr. Wulc. Gina and Debbie are the best. I feel like I matter and they really care about me. Keep up your great work.

-Kathy C.

Wonderful experience. Dr. Wulc really knows his stuff. It does not look overdone so people just think you had a restful vacation. The staff and nurses prepared me for what was to come. No surprises. Everything went exactly as expected. Wonderful office. Happy, efficient, competent people. Where do you get that these days? ALWAYS a pleasure to see them and have them help me look my best!

-Eileen C.

At the seasoned age of 72, I decided it was time to do something about the way I looked. My chin was sagging, my eyes had huge hollows, and my skin left much to be desired. Though very frightened, I wanted to do it more than I feared it. Thank you Dr. Wulc for the wonderful job you did on my face. It has made a huge difference in my appearance and my outlook. I am now nearing my 80th birthday, and I still have a clearly defined jawline, and though the passing years have dimmed some of the results, I could not be happier, and I still look at least 10 years younger than my actual age. People still don’t believe that I’m going on 80. You and your staff are wonderful and you are a true magician. I love you!

-Marlene B.

Dr. Wulc and Deb always make me feel extremely comfortable during an appointment. They don’t try to push you to do more than you need and my look is always very natural-looking. I am very happy to have found Dr. Wulc.

-Bernadette N.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Wulc and the entire staff at WCosmetics. From the moment you walk in the door and every time you return, you are greeted with courtesy and a smile. I had wonderful results from my surgery and many compliments after it. I would and do highly recommend W Cosmetic Surgery® to everyone thinking about plastic surgery. You are really in good hands!

-Joann Y.

It was 7 years ago when Dr. Wulc performed his magic on my face. And to this day, I am as pleased with the results as I was then.

-Helene B.

Three years ago, I had my droopy eyelids done by Dr. Wulc to improve vision and a little additional work around the eyes. My opthamologist just commented that he almost forgot that I had the surgery because the work is still great and invisible. I LOVE seeing my eyes in photos and reading easily at night.

-Lyn T.

I had a lid lift and was very happy with the end result. I do not even have any scars. Everyone in the office [was] wonderful. I would not hesitate using Dr. Wulc’s services again.

-Linda G.

Highly professional and talented staff. A fabulous team headed by Dr. Wulc. All work [is done] to obtain the best results and satisfaction for their clients. I highly recommend Dr. Wulc and staff.

-Stephanie H.