Fly-In Procedures at W Cosmetic Surgery

With our increasing reliance on the internet, it’s easier than ever to discover cosmetic surgeons with particular skills, interests and expertise. And becoming a patient is easier than you think. More and more, people are traveling a significant distance to seek cosmetic surgery treatments from their doctor of choice. Traveling to a specialist allows you the ability to obtain superior care while recuperating quietly and anonymously away from home. With numerous discount travel arrangements available, the costs of the entire fly-in process can be less expensive than having the surgery down the block. Many patients from out of town seek out our services for routine facial injectable therapies and other minimally invasive procedures.

Traveling to a cosmetic surgeon.

If you live outside of the Philadelphia area, you can still benefit from the world-renowned skills of Dr. Wulc by participating in our Fly-In for Surgery program. It’s easy.

  • Fly into Philadelphia
  • Stay in hotels conveniently located near the center
  • Receive door-to-door limousine service on the day of surgery
  • Have Dr. Wulc perform your surgery.

Afterwards, you’ll begin recovery with one-on-one after-patient care and rest in our two partner hotels, adjacent to our offices, in scenic Bucks County or in Philadelphia, until the follow-up appointments.

Ask our staff to help arrange your fly-in cosmetic surgery.

What’s the fly-in process?

Our staff can assist you with your travel plans from start to finish. They can help you set up your itinerary and suggest local accommodations. Most patients book their stay for about seven days for minor procedures. Ten days to two weeks should be booked for longer procedures.

  • We recommend you arrive at least 48 hours before your scheduled surgery. At that time, you will consult with Dr. Wulc, get photographed, and obtain the necessary bloodwork and paperwork to move forward with the procedure.
  • Prior to your visit, we willconsult with your local primary care doctor and undergo the necessary preoperative testing at one of your local medical facilities. Skype consultation preoperatively can be arranged, though we prefer to see you in person prior to any surgical procedure.

We encourage you to travel with a friend or family member who can take care of you after surgery. If this is not possible, Helping Hands are available. This is a nursing service that has worked with us for several years that can be arranged prior to your stay with us. The nurses can care for you through all or part of the process. In addition to taking you from the office or surgery center to the hotel, the nurse knows our postoperative routine and can also prepare meals for you. There are several hotels with kitchenettes close to the office that accommodate our patients.

Don’t let distance keep you from seeing your cosmetic surgeon of choice.

Request your cosmetic surgery consultation.