Botox at Any Age By: Allan E. Wulc, MD
July 05, 2017

We love Botox and we’re not alone: more than 10.9 million vials of Botox have been sold since the product was approved for cosmetic use in 2002. In fact, Dr. Wulc took part in the original clinical trials and spoke about the effects of Botox at an international meeting in the early 1990s.
5 Reasons Why More Men are Getting Cosmetic Surgery By: Allan E. Wulc, MD
June 15, 2017

More men are opting for cosmetic procedures to help augment their appearance and defy aging than ever before. This shift can be attributed to five different reasons.

Skincare for Cancer Patients By: Allan E. Wulc, MD
April 28, 2017

50% of patients experience adverse skin conditions caused by radiation or chemotherapy, which range from mild discomfort to extreme sensitivity. At W Cosmetic Surgery we are proud to offer specialty designed treatment for those going through cancer treatment and cancer survivors.
Kybella vs ThermiTight: Which Is Right For You? By: Allan E. Wulc, MD
April 06, 2017

Two popular procedures offered at W Cosmetic Surgery to improve the appearance of the neck and chin are Kybella and ThermiTight. Learn more about their unique benefits and find out which could be right for you.
Beyond MD: Why Credentials Are Important By: Allan E. Wulc, MD
March 01, 2017

You know that an “MD” is a doctor, but what do all those other letters after your physician’s name mean? And are they actually important? The answer is YES! Find out why.
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